Rahmeh means Mercy🐾

نحن مجموعة صغيرة محبة للكلاب و نتطوع بكل طاقاتنا من اجلهم

You can help by adopting, volunteering, sponsoring and donating

Know of an injured or abused animal?

Don’t worry, we can help!


Help Us Save Jordan's Injured & Abandoned Animals

We are a group of animal lovers who are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in Jordan.



Animals Vet Care

A lot of the poor animals are in dire shape and desperately need vet visit, good diet and lots of love which we provide unconditionally.

We collaborate with the best vets in town to provide the best care possible.

Leverage The Power of Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media, you can do a lot for the animals by simply sharing our posts and interacting.

Join us and Contribute

Every small action you do makes a huge difference to the beautiful animals


Any small donation you make can contribute a lot to a poor animal in desperate need for it, don't hesitate!


Spread the word by sharing posts on your preferred social media account or by interacting with our posts to let the world know about the animals.


Learn about the situation of animals in Jordan, and how can you assist by contacting us and reaching out.

Together to Stop the Killing of Cannan Dogs

معا لمنع قتل الكلاب الكنعانية في الاردن

Adoption Board