GoFundMe Campaign – Support Animals in Jordan

Dear friends,

We know there is lot going in the world right now, so THANK YOU for visiting this page.

Al Rahmeh association is an animal rescue and relief in Jordan, our kind friend Chelsea Brown @chelsealynbrown has created this GoFundMe campaign.

Any support you can offer is appreciated and will go far to improve the lives of animals in Amman, Jordan.

How your donation will help: 

Al-Rahmeh’s annual costs run about $60,000 USD. The most pressing expenses include: Vet services, rental fee for the shelter, caretaker salaries and pet travel.

We kindly ask you to please make a monetary donation, sparing what you can during these difficult times.

If 100 people give at least $5.00, Al-Rahmeh will have $500 more than they had before.


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