About Us

A newly registered animal rescue charity organization in Jordan, which goes by the name of “Rahmeh Association for Animals in Jordan.”

Since its establishment in November of 2017, we -as an association- are seeking to spread the word about the work we do and try to reach out to people here in Jordan and outside Jordan. I am writing to share with you some information about our philanthropy, and the work we do.

The idea first started after a group of animal lovers decided to establish a much – needed organization to counter the abuse, and the demonization of the Canaan dog breed in Jordan and animals in general . There were, and still are, many campaigns pursuing the annihilation of stray dogs in Jordan (mostly of the ancient Canaan dog breed). Several massacres were carried out and still being carried out. One of the aims of our association is to be able to provide foster and eventually find loving homes, whether it’s here in Jordan or abroad, for these outcast dogs. Another aim is to be able to raise awareness about the Canaan dog breed. Since establishment, we have fostered more than 80 dogs in total (in a farm rented by us and is located in Madaba). We managed to find loving homes for more than 30 and unfortunately some died of illness; the remaining 50 are still looking for loving homes.

Alrahmeh as a charity┬árely solely on our 40 members’ subscriptions and financial contributions to sustain our association. We are currently exploring options on how to make our organization self sustainable, and we are looking for funding opportunities abroad, since the local funding opportunities are proving very tough to find. It is a long road ahead of us, but any support from institutions like yours will definitely pave the way for our continued engagement, development and success.

Canaan dogs are more likely have a chance to be adopted abroad as they are neglected by the culture in Jordan. Looking forward to hear from a loving adopter.

Meanwhile the kind of support we’re looking for from your side is help in dog fostering or adoption by who would be interested, spreading the word about us to get donations and adopters or you can participate in our volunteer programs.